Forms For Parents

ASA Medical/Dental Accident Claim Form - updated link 2-13-13

NCJSA Parent Code of Conduct Form

NCJSA Application for Hardship

Concussion Information Sheet

2014 Concussion Law

Forms for Coaches

2012 Check Request Form

Coach Forms Checklist

If you are a coach, please refer to the following list of the forms you will need to turn in to the league to complete your registration of all the players on your team.

Per player forms:

  • All players need to be registered on ASA register
  • Copy of player's birth certificate if child has not played ASA in the previous year.
  • Recent photograph of player if the team will be registering for photo ASA player cards (for ASA Tournaments). Head shot only. No hats. Used when you register the player online at ASA.
  • NCJSA Parent Contract Form completed and signed by player's parent. This is a suggested form to be used by a coach. You may prefer to customize it to meet your specific needs and cover any topics you deem important to stipulate during your parent meeting at the beginning of the season.
  • Registration Chair sends medical release forms to coach, need signed by parent and returned back to coach (coach keeps on file).

Per coach forms (these forms required for each coach or assistant coach):

  • Copy of coach driver's license
  • Recent photograph of coach. Head shot only. No hats. Used when you register the coach or assistant coach online at ASA.
  • Completed online ASA ACE testing of coach. The head coach will email a link to invite each assistance to create their own username and password. Each coach or assistant coach will pay and authorize the background check and complete the ACE testing.
  • ASA Coach Code of Ethics Form completed and signed by each coach or assistant coach.
  • ASA Background Check Authorization completed and signed by each coach or assistant coach.

Per team forms (these forms required to complete your team ASA registration):

ASA invoice. The invoice is generated when you complete your ASA registration of all your players. The invoice will list which players require new copies of the birth certificate and the total fees to be remitted to ASA. The invoice is the final form you will generate in order to obtain insurance and ID cards for all your players.

And don't forget the funds you need to generate for your team:

Sponsor fee of $250

Uniform and Tournament costs. NCJSA provides numbered T-Shirts for each player as part of their player registration fee. Many teams use these T-Shirts, instruct each player to purchase same colored shorts, and use the combination as their official uniform for league games. However, if you would prefer your players to additionally have complete uniforms, you will need to separately come up with the funds to purchase uniforms. And if you want to enter your team into any tournaments, you will also need to generate the funds to enter those tournaments (most tournaments are in the $300 - $350 range per tournament).

    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.